Rolf Koerner products can be used in many different industries worldwide. Without the use of wire mesh filters, many industries wouldn't be able to function. You might not be drinking from a recyled water bottle or using adhesives on that project around the house!


Plastics, Rubber, Cable


Wire cloth elements such as e.g. discs and screens are commonly used in screen changers for filtration of various kinds of viscous media, e.g. plastic melt (virgin or recycling, rubber or silicones.

The elements can consist of one or more layers of wire cloth or metal felt of diverse fineness. The construction is depending on the application and the requested grade of filtration.

• Plastic Recycling
• Packaging
• Films
• Fibers
• Cable Industry
• Rubber

We deliver: discs and screens, ring discs (donut screens), filter sieve belts, filter cylinders, and super plates.


Hydraulic / Lubrication


Unsolicited particles have to be filtered from hydraulic and lubrication liquids in order to protect the following aggregates. Various kinds of wire cloth elements are used.

• Mobile aggregates such as tractors, fork lifts, excavators etc.
• Shipbuilding / Marine
• Wind Power Stations
• Lubricants
• Tank Filling

We deliver: wire cloths, pleated cylinders, filter candles plain or pleated, filter cylinders, fittings, joints and gaskets.


Water Filtration


Water such as waste or process water has to be cleaned from contamination, e.g. corrosion of pipelines etc, in almost all kinds of industries.

For that matter different filter elements are used.

• Automotive Industry
• Power Plants
• Mining
• Paper Industry
• Pumps

We deliver: wire cloths, wedge wire elements, (e.g. for granulation process), filter cylinders / strainers, and basket filters.




Wire cloths and welded mesh can be used as protection grid, coarse sieves or coverage in various fields of applications.

• Swimming Pool Grids
• Fire Hose Covers
• Coverings e.g. in mechanical engineering
• Funnel Covers
• Insect Screens

We deliver: wire cloths and welded mesh as rolled goods or assembled, filter cylinders, filter elements.


Mechanical Engineering


Tailor-made filter elements for the mechanical engineering, e.g. mining ,construction material industry or food industry. The applications go from protection grids to cover screens up to customer-specific made filter elements.

We deliver: wire cloth pre-cut parts, filter cylinders, and custom-made products of any kind.



Paper Industry


Various kinds of filter elements are used during the manufacturing process of paper, e.g. filtration of water or processing of paper coating.

We deliver: wire cloth pre-cut parts, filter cylinders, basket filters, and wedge wire elements.


Valves and Pumps / Measuring Techniques


Unsolicited particles have to be filtered from hydraulic and lubrication liquids in order to protect the following aggregates. Tailor made elements for special tasks as well as mass products for standard applications are used.

We deliver: filter cylinders, Y-strainers, basket filters, conical strainers, and fittings.


Power Plants / Mining


Hydraulics, water filtration, conditioning of lubricants. We manufacture filter elements of all kinds for the various applications in the field of Power Plants and Mining Industry.

We supply:
• Filter Cartridges / Filter Candles (plain or pleated)
• Filter Cylinders
• Basket Filters
• Wire Cloth Pre-cut parts